Heart Health Articles

Do you know the shape of your heart? Read this article...
Five Steps to a Healthier Heart (doc)

Think heart attacks only happen to older people? Think again. Read this article...
Heart TKO: A Young Survivor's Story (doc)

The good, the bad and the basics of blood cholesterol. Read more...
High Cholesterol Overview (doc)

Finally, some tasty ways to help lower cholesterol. More...
Cholesterol-Lowering Foods (doc)

Keep your heart's "Ba-bomp Ba-bomp" going like it should. Learn more...
High Blood Pressure Overview (doc)

Ready. Set. Walk for better blood pressure.
Walking Cuts Blood Pressure (doc)


This 20-pg. guide from the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services offers more comprehensive info. on factors that contribute to high blood pressure and steps to help prevent it. A great piece to use at health fairs!
Your Guide to Lowering Blood Pressure (pdf)

Heart Health Fact Sheets

Having diabetes can hurt your heart. Learn more about controlling both here...
Diabetes and Heart Disease Link (pdf)

For women with heart disease, learn these life-saving facts "by heart". More...
Women and Heart Disease (pdf)

Heart Health Links

May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month. Click here to find an activity kit for a great worksite promotional campaign on high blood pressure.

National High Blood Pressure Education Month Activities http://hp2010.nhlbihin.net/NHBPEP_Kit/index.htm

Heart Health Posters

Print and display these compelling, factual posters about the effects of better habits on heart health.
Sneaky (pdf)
Smash the Habit (pdf)
Pass On the Salt (pdf)